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Remember growing up?

Happy with my life. At the age 27, I'm sure my younger self would be also happy about this. Events come and go, you live and you learn. Growing with every event, shining brighter and brighter as you become an adult. Never had a plan when I was out of High school, just wanted to be happy when I got older. I'm excited to say that I've achieved that so far.

Beer and Baking

I'm baking and drinking beer with my cat, I got a cat btw, and I feel like that guy that sits at home alone with his cat and talks to himself. However it feels good to be alone for a little while and listen to some Mumford and Sons. I'm happy at my new place but I have an awkward relationship with my ex whom is living with me still. I don't know how to feel, I know I made the decision to break up but now I'm second guessing. I guess its just the feeling of being lonely, or at least I keep telling myself that. Well anyways it feels good to have this journal. I've deleted my Facebook and it feels good.

Life is suicidal opportunities

I haven't cried in awhile. Good thing I guess.

Super bowl modeling

Today I woke up at 5:30am, I didn't have to wake up that early but I did. I was kinda excited/nervous about doing my first modeling job at 7am. Everything with well and I can't wait to see the outcome of the pictures! I'm also going to work at the bowling ally and then go to a super bowl get together at my dads house. The girly that I've been seeing was supposed to come but her stomach as been doing back flips and so she couldn't make it. I hope she feels better and that I can see her tonight. Also! I quit drinking, starting right now for at least 3 months, as a bet between my father and I. We'll see how that goes. haha, i'll hold out, but will he?


I'm coming back to Livejournal, that is all. Oh! and I had a great dinner tonight. Publix had their shrimp and salmon fillets on sale so I bought them along with some 25oz foster cans and veg. I went home and put them on the bbq, except for the fosters, cause that would just be ridiculous, with lime juice and mmmmm good. Wonderful night, can't wait to see my future girlfriend tomorrow.

Life is pretty sweet

Having a great time in Tallahassee! Going to celebrate Dav's birthday in a few minutes over at Leon pub. Fucking Robots and Slapping Children for fun!!!

Starting from a new point.

I'm glad to have finally talked to you about all of this mess. I feel so much better now and now we start to be friends.

Jogging through Walmart

I heard more news today about you and It has bothered me a lot. I'm so frustrated and had to expel some energy. So I jogged 3.3 miles non-stop and along the way I thought it would be funny to make my way through Walmart in the middle of the night jogging with my shirt off, it befuddled the employees to say the least. I'm done with you, you had your chance and you blew it. I hope you always have that "what if?" in the back of your head every time you look down at that ring.

Poem I wrote years ago.

Light shines through the windshield like a spoon through Jello. I see it coming as I have before, thoughts drifting through the screen door of my mind....I like to open to the good and stay closed from the bad, although they may not soak in Its crystal clear to see them slicing away at my cheese ball of affections. Although nutty I keep composure like a dart I'm feathered to react and holiday of words undelivered. A package is whats kept, return to sender. Stamped again iron mallets retract and cleaned to order...of the court has been had again the heart of an iron clad has steamed to the mission for a revolution of evolution to prescribe whats under to be over the counter of how many times, plus the way I feel divided is a fraction of my life to keep positive.


I miss this.